HE&M Saw’s V100LM-60 Band Saw

The HE&M Saw’s V100LM-60 Band Saw Machine is in the HE&M Saw’s Vertical Band Saw Series. This machine is capable of cutting materials up to 60 degrees. A metal cutting production band saw that is accurately manufactured to provide the best combination of power and excellent cutting performance.

The V100LM-60 has a cutting capacity of 18″ W x 22.25″ H , 15.25″ H x 18″ left @45° , 15.125″ H x 18″ right @ 45°, 10.25″ H x 18″ left @ 60° and 7.25″ H x 18″ right @ 60°.  It uses a 15’6″ x 1.25″ x .042″ band saw blade that is driven by a 5hp/three-phase motor that is ready for either 220v or 440v.

The HE&M Saw V100LM-60 Band Saw Machine offers exceptional functionality and numerous standard features.

The manual console control is conveniently located in front of the saw. This allows for easy control by the operator during the cut, offering the ability to see the progress clearly. A Power Tilt feature places the saw column at any angle, and as part of this feature, the LED digital angle read-out on the control panel allows the operator to quickly and accurately change angles.

Incorporated into this machine is a blade guide system on the sides and at the back of the blade. The guides utilize carbide inserts for stability, long wear, and optimum blade support. There is a blade brush for positive removal of the chips from the blade gullets, allowing for a more accurate cut and to prolong the life of the blade.

The powered blade tension maintains proper blade tension during the cut at all times, and the powered guide arm provides maximum blade support as material size changes. It quickly adjusts the blade guides that hold the blades securely, providing straighter cuts. The clamping pressure, cutting force, main vise, and feed rate can all be easily adjusted.

An optional second main vise is used for additional clamping.

The V100LM-60 band saw is equipped with a flood coolant system with wash down hose to flood the center on the cut, and there are bolt-capable Side Wings included to return the coolant to the saw.

An optional Laser Light indicator above or below the blade indicates where the blade will enter the material for the cut. Other available options include stock, load, discharge tables, and a spray mist lubrication system.

For cutting materials at 45 degree angles in either direction on a vertical band saw, the HE&M Saw V100LM-60 Band Saw Machine has it covered. This band saw is the best choice when a fast and accurate cut is desired.


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