HE&M Saw’s Hurricane 2030A Band Saw

HE&M Saw’s Hurricane 2030A Band Saw Machine is a horizontal miter saw with a hydraulic pivot style. A production band saw for mitering that is designed to handle the demands of steel service centers, huge production shops, and metal service centers.

The Automatic Hurricane uses a 20’6″ x 1 1/2″ x .050″ band saw blade that is driven by a 10hp motor, which can be wired for 220 or 440 volts and comes equipped with a reliable 5hp motor for the hydraulic system.

The Hurricane has a cutting capacity that ranges from 20”h x 30” Flat at 90 degrees, and 20”h x 20” Flat at 45° left miter, and 20”h x 13” Flat at 60° left miter.

The HE&M Saw’s Hurricane 2030A has standard features that make the work more efficient and effective. They include a control console located at the front of the saw that features a Touch Screen Display to provide for convenient menu navigation. This allows the operator to program cutting jobs for recall and identical cut of similar jobs. It also allows the user to set up system information and input sawing parameters for every job in production.

The patented Cut Watcher System monitors the cut for squareness to a pre-set deviation value. The machine will automatically shut off when the blade deviates beyond the pre-set range. Its Blade Guide system is composed of side and back guides which are Flat Carbide Inserts. The Powered Guide Arm is adjustable for square cuts and optimum blade support as material size changes.

The Blade Speed is easily and quickly controlled with an infinitely variable speed drive, allowing the operator to select the best cutting speed from 60-400 SFPM. The Powered Miter Feature with LED Angle Readout on the console allows the operator to quickly change the angles. A Blade Brush removes chips on the blade, and a Chip Auger System removes the chips in the cutting area.

The Hurricane is designed to automatically separate the chips and coolants to two different containers.

The automatic bar feed on the saw has a 0-34” feed stroke shuttle vise with multiple indexing, to feed lengths automatically until the saw is out of stock or a pre-determined number of cuts have been made. The Computer Controlled Feed System allows the operator to choose a program for an automatic operation or the operator can program the saw to cut different jobs on various lengths automatically.

The Hurricane 2030A has a 24” Solid Discharge Table, a Built In Coolant System, and a Material Jog System.

A Spray Mist Coolant System is available as an option for blade lubrication and cooling. Other optional features include a Laser Light System, a Full Capacity Top Clamp for Main and Feed Vise, and a Programmable Miter and Discharge Table Modifier.

HE&M Saw’s Hurricane 2030A is the ideal choice when a larger, 60 degree mitering band saw is necessary. This saw provides exceptional rigidity, accuracy of cut, and lengthy service life.

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