HE&M Saw’s H3236A-DC-C Band Saw

HE&M Saw’s H3236A-DC-C band saw machine offers an innovative design that guarantees superior cutting performance and versatility. The standard features of this band saw make any cutting process a quick and easy task.

The H3236A-DC-C uses a 2” x 27” x 0.063” blade driven by a 15hp motor wired for 220v or 440v. It also has a 5hp motor for the hydraulic system. The cutting capacity of the saw is 32” high by 36” wide.

The Swing Away Control Console is located at the front of the saw and has an all-function control for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation. The arm height can be adjusted from the console. All mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical functions are supported by a Solid State Programmable Logic Controller, and there are Full Stroking Vises for clamping and securing the stock.

Easy blade speed adjustment is available to assure the best cutting speed required for the job, and the cutting pressure can be adjusted as well, for effective metal removal rates. Changing blades is fast and simple with the use of the Guide Cap Camlocks, and the Powered Movable Guide Arm allows the user to adjust the proper guide arm spacing. Both help to stabilize the blade and provide for straighter cuts.  Powered Blade Tension helps to keep the blade at the right tension at all the times during the cutting process.

The automatic bar feed system is comprised of 0-24” feed stroking, and a third vise on feed is available for additional clamping. With the aid of the Computer Controlled Feed System, the operator is capable of programming and storing cutting jobs on the machine. Subsequent jobs can be performed by automatic selection of these stored operations.

The blade speed can be manually controlled with the push of a button, and the speed is displayed in an LED readout.

The H3236A-DC-C uses a Flood Coolant System for more effective blade lubrication, and a Chip Auger System that assures effective chips removal from the cutting area.

Auto shut-off of the saw will occur once the cutting operation is complete.

Additional standard features include a Blade Chip Brush, a Cut Watcher System, a Material Jogging Feature, a 24” Roller Discharge Table, and Lead In/Lead Out Roller Guides.

HE&M Saw’s H3236A-DC-C ‘s optional features include a Blade Enhance System, a Laser and Shadow Light System, a Full Capacity Top Clamp for Main and Outboard Vise, a Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse, an Outboard Powered Vise on Discharge, a 0-72” Stroke Bar Feed System w/ 3rdVise, a Solid Base in lieu of rollers, a Spray Mist Coolant System, and a Pedestal Mounted Console.

HE&M Saw’s H3236A-DC-C is the perfect solution for any production cutting situation that requires unbeatable productivity rates and precision output.

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