HEM Saw H130 Bandsaw Machines


Hemsaw H130HA-DC Metalcutting Band SawGerald R. Harris founded HE & M, Inc. (HEM) in 1964. For fifty years, HEM Saw has maintained its reputation as the manufacturer of quality and durable bandsaw machines.

HEM Saw remains a leader in the bandsaw industry, consistently setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other bandsaw manufacturer in the world.

HEM manufactures more than 70 different models of production bandsaw. One of their most successful achievements is the H130 Series bandsaw machine.

The cutting capacity for this series ranges from 16” x 16” W to 10” x 20” W when cutting shapes. All three use a 10hp motor with 2hp hydraulics.

The pivot point is wide and improves saw head efficiency as it moves through the cutting area.

A pressed bronze bushing located in the rotating area increases pivot life.

Because the pivot is elevated above the cutting zone, there is less angular change through the cut, equalizing bandsaw head weight for a more uniform weight change when cutting through material.

When the saw head is raised, a spring compensation system on the HEM Saw machines helps to keep the center of gravity equal throughout the cut.

Flat carbide guides on the H130 Series increase blade stability through the work piece by providing support on each side of the bandsaw blade.

The H130 Series utilizes a heavy-duty feed system for automatic bar feed and features a patented Triple Link floating vise system to help prevent binding if bundles become out of square. The vises offer more flexibility and ease of operation and come in a standard, infinite variable clamping pressure — to approximately 800 lbs.

The HEM Horizontal Pivot Bandsaw H130 Series assure durability, reliability, and functionality for years of accurate bandsaw operation.



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