HEM Saw DC2038RB1

The HE&M Dual-Column Band Saw Machine HEM Saw DC2038RB1.

When cutting solid or large diameter materials, you need the rigidity of a true dual-column band saw. Consider the HEM Saw DC2038RB1 Dual Band Saw Machine.

A highly rated band saw machine in the HE&M line, the HEM Saw DC2038RB1 Dual Band Saw Machine is a high speed, heavy duty production band saw. It is ideal for cutting beams and structural materials and will provide fast, accurate, and excellent cutting performance for any demanding cutting requirement.

The DC2038RB1 is manufactured by HE&M for rigidity and precision, allowing the blade to be driven with an increased cutting feed rate.  It is designed to cut large structural steel profiles, offering exceptional rigidity, an accurate cut, and with minimal blade deflection.

This machine has a cutting capacity of 20” H x 24” flat at 45 degrees and 20” H x 16” flat at 60 degrees left miter. The  15 HP motor can be wired for 220 or 440 volts. The machine runs a blade of 24′ 6” in length x 2” in width.

The DC2038RB1 pedestal console can be positioned for best operator viewing and safety. The selector switches and push buttons allow the operator to control all machine functions. Other user-friendly features include hydraulic blade tensioning that provides consistent automatic blade tension while allowing quick and easy blade changing. A hydraulic blade brush keeps the blade gullets clean to maximize performance and to prolong the life of the blade.

With vises on both sides of the blade, this dual vise provides material clamping and positive grip of the material at any miter angle. A plunger-style overhead clamp reduces cutting vibration on large structural shapes to increase cutting accuracy. The idler-side guide arm moves in tandem with the front movable vise, assuring proper positioning of the guide arm. Carbide blade guides housed in the guide arms provide exceptional accuracy and vibration dampening.

If you are looking for the ideal dual-column saw, the HEM Saw DC2038RB1 is the best there is in the HE&M Saw tradition for quality, accuracy, and long-range use. This is the answer to the need of a dual-column saw with mitering capability in both directions, which is perfect for high production cutting.

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