HE&M Saw DC1420-HA-C Band Saw

DC-1420HA-C-1_smThe HE&M Saw DC1420-HA-C band saw is the machine to consider when the purchase of a dual column saw is required for your cutting needs.

The DC1420 HA-C is a heavy-duty band saw and one of the most highly rated models in the HE&M line.

A highly efficient machine for production cutting, this dual column band saw provides fast, accurate, and excellent cutting performance in a demanding cutting environment.

It runs on a 7.5 hp motor and uses 2 hp hydraulics. The cutting capacity is from 14 h” x 20” w  when cutting shapes and the blade size is  17’8″ x 1.25″ x .042″.

The HE&M DC1420 HA-C band saw machine includes a front console full function control. Side support includes the use of flat carbide guides to maximize blade stability through the work piece.

Standard features include an adjustable blade guide for high precision cutting that helps to lengthen blade life. The cut watcher system monitors for squareness of the cut, and the blade chip brush works to prevent chip build-up in the gullets.

The HE&M DC1420 band saw will automatically shut off after the selected number or pieces of material have been cut or when the automatic feed system is empty. Safety guards are also featured.

Optional features on the HE&M DC1420 HA-C band saw machine include a full capacity top clamp – main vise and feed vise, 3rd holding vise on feed, hydraulic computer-controlled traverse (HCCT), laser light system, and a spray mist lubricant.

The added features are offered to help any band saw operator in ease-of-use. The convenience factor is one of the indicators of its being a band saw with an efficient rate of return.

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