The HEM H130HA-9 Horizontal Band Saw

HE&M introduces the horizontal automatic-pivot style H130HA-9 band saw.

This band saw uses a 1 1/2” wide blade driven by a 10hp motor, which can be wired for 220 or 440 volts. The saw also has a 2hp hydraulic system and a cutting capacity is 16” round by 16” flat, and 10” by 20” rectangle.

The swing-away control console allows the user to easily control the cut while also clearly viewing the production progress. The saw has all-function control for manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation.

The blade guide system incorporates side and back blade guides that utilize flat carbide inserts for stability and long blade life. The powered guide arm is heavy-duty and comprised of replaceable inserts for proper guide spacing, providing for a more accurate cut.

The powered blade tension maintains and assures proper tension of the blade at all times during the cut. Full stroking vises hold the material securely while reducing vibration and extending blade life.

The material jogging feature on the saw moves the material slowly for pre-marked cuts in position.

Blade speed can be easily controlled and adjusted in a range from 72 – 400 SFPM. The clamping pressure can be adjusted anywhere from 0- 1500 lbs. The blade feed rate can be adjusted from 0 to 3 inches per second. This helps to manage the saw arm traverse rate, avoiding loss of blade teeth when cutting materials that require high rates of speed. The cutting pressure can be adjusted from 0 to 1000 lbs.

The standard discharge table on the H130HA-9 band saw is 24” in length and it is bolted to the saw for easier handling of material after the cut. The automatic bar feed has a 0-24” feed stroke that allows for up to nine indexes.

The cut watcher system monitors for squareness of cut according to a preset deviation value. An automatic shut-off activation system occurs when the preset value is exceeded.

The H130HA-9 uses a flood coolant system with an available wash-down hose to effectively lubricate the blade. A chip brush is also available to help keep the blade gullet clean.

Optional features on the H130HA-9 band saw include a Chip Auger and Blade Enhancer System, a Reduced Capacity Top Clamp for Main and Feed Vise, and Guide Cap Cam Locks. A Spray Mist Coolant and Laser Light System, an Outboard Powered Vise on Discharge, a 3rd Vise on Feed, and a Pedestal Mounted Control.

The HE&M H130HA-9 is the most efficient high-speed production machine capable of maintaining exceptional accuracy and remarkable functionality. This metal-cutting band saw offers standard features for durability, to deliver accuracy, and to offer high production at an economical cost.

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