HE&M Cyclone A-4 Band Saw

band-saws-miter-horizontal-automaticHE&M Saw designs and builds band saw machines for the metal cutting industry, and they offer close to 70 different models exclusive to the metalworking industry, including the vertical, horizontal, and dual column machines.

The HE&M Cyclone A-4 is a pivot style mitering band saw that provides accuracy and durability. It is designed to save space as well as to deliver versatile and reliable production output at an economical rate of return.

The Cyclone A-4 band saw provides accuracy in mitering angles of up to 45° using a built-in protractor scale. The protractor scale will lock in all angles with the aid of a manual clamp, assuring a secure cut. The cutting capacity is 16″ high x 22″ flat at 90° ,  to 16″ high x 15″ flat at 45° left miter (one direction only).

The Cyclone A-4 uses a 16″ long, 1.25″ wide blade, and an easy-to-control blade speed drive that can be adjusted anywhere from 60 to 300 SFPM, with a feed rate adjustment from 0 to 3 inches. The control console is mounted on an easy-view panel for better operator access and can be pivoted to allow for the height and preference of the machine operator.

The 7.5 HP motor can be wired for 220 or 440 volts and features a diagnostic panel that auto-detects any electrical problems.

The guide arms are automatically adjusted to different material heights. However, in order to reduce vibration and provide a better cutting surface, manual adjustment of the machine’s guide arms is possible.

There is a cut watch system that monitors squareness of cut and offers a preset deviation value. When the preset value is exceeded, the machine shuts down automatically. It also shuts off when the automatic feed system is empty.

A manual feature helps to maintain proper blade tension during the cutting process, and the blade guides utilize carbide inserts for durability, stability, and a longer blade life. The chip brush is shaft driven to help prevent chip build-up in the gullets, allowing for better cutting accuracy.

The Cyclone A-4 band saw is incorporated with an 18″ solid exit support for easier handling after the cut and a built-in flood cooling system with a sealed coolant pump. For safety purposes, the Cyclone A-4 is equipped with a cut-off switch:  a standard feature on all HE&M Saw machines. The cut-off switch allows the operator to closely monitor the work and stop the machine if necessary or in the event of a blade breaking.

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