HE&M CT2000HA-DC-C-Series Band Saw

For 50 years, HE&M has been the leader in providing top quality band saw machines worldwide. As well as offering utility band saws, miter cutting saws, and the vertical and horizontal options, HE&M also provides dual column band saw machines for the most demanding cutting applications.

An example is the HE&M CT2000HA Dual Column C-Series band saw.

HEM-dual-column-band-saws-DC14-HAThe CT2000HA-DC-C  saw head travels down two posts when cutting. The twin post design is intended to cut large parts while keeping the blade as straight as possible as the head descends through the materials being cut.

This machine has a 20HP motor and uses a 22’ 2” x 0.063 band saw blade. The cutting capacity allows for cuts up to 20”w  x  20”h  square, making it an excellent choice for demanding cutting applications.

Another outstanding feature of the HE&M CT2000HA-DC-C is the built-in computer system that enables the machine to cut accurately at high speeds. There are also the indicators that alert the operator to things like broken blades and out of stock once all of the material is cut.

All of the HE&M band saws have safety features, including the CT2000HA-DC-C, which are maximized to ensure the safety of the operator. The cut-off switch allows operators to closely monitor the work process and stop it if necessary, but the machine will automatically stop if a band saw blade breaks, preventing further damage to the machine and the operator.

For HE&M, quality always comes first, which makes the CT2000HA-DC-C  a bit expensive, but for shops that handle demanding cutting applications, it will likely garner more work orders. At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of owning a band saw machine that out-performs its initial cost.

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