Freud Circular Saw Blades: #1 for Wood Cutting

For 50 years, Freud has built a reputation for manufacturing world class cutting tools. Chief among them are Freud circular saw blades, providing smooth, fast rips, great blade longevity and straighter, truer cuts.

About Freud

Freud circular saw blades are versatile and can perform any wood cutting application due to the thin kerf they provides, giving them fast, clean cuts. Their tooth geometry lets the blades leave smooth, clean edges in any wood cutting application. The tooth design provides flawless finishes, perfect for any operator or user wanting smooth and clean cutting results.

Since it started its operation 50 years ago, Freud has created one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in the cutting tool industry. Freud specializes in carbide manufacturing, allowing the company to create and develop unique and superior quality carbide formulations, which giving their products greater durability and cutting life.

In cutting tool technology, Freud is a world leader that has earned a reputation for its quality and durability when it comes to woodworking tools and accessories. Freud circular saw blades are among the longest lasting and best performing blades in the industry.

Why Choose Freud Circular Saw Blades

Freuds circular saw blades are cut from hardened steel plate using a high performance laser. This gives the blades premium quality and superior precision. Each Freud circular saw blade utilizes a blend of Tri-Co high density carbide, a combination of Titanium and Cobalt, maximizing life and cut quality. Each blade also has a Perma Shield non-stick coating that prevents gumming, friction and heat build up. Each blade also has a polymer-filled anti vibration slots that serve as a built in stabilizer to reduce sound and vibration.

Metal cutting companies need precision cutting tools in order to have superior results. If you are looking for a wood cutting blade that provides a flawless and smooth finish, and better blade life, then consider Freud circular saw blades.

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