Flex-Back and Hard-Back Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blades are classified by composite makeup, namely Carbon, Bi-metal, and Carbide-tipped blades. Each blade is used differently depending on the materials involved in the cutting process. Material hardness classification includes soft, hard, or tough.

The ranges of carbon steel bandsaw blades are ideal by design for use in home woodworking shops.

Carbon steel blades differ in the tooth design, with heat-treated teeth designed to allow for higher speed and feed rates.

Increased tensile strength permits the hard-back blade to produce a straighter cut. The hardened tooth tip counters material cut resistance and increases blade lifespan.

A low-cost alternative blade for easy-to-cut material such as non ferrous metal, hardwoods, mild steels, copper, cast iron, brass, lead, bronze, zinc, and cork.

So, what are the differences between the Flex-Back and Hard-Back bandsaw blades?

Both are carbon steel bandsaw blades available for use with most any bandsaw machine. Different by design yet both still offer top-quality cutting performance.

Flex-Back Carbon Steel Blades are made from carbon steel with a flexible back that is suitable for absorbing contour cutting stresses. Heat-treated teeth help retain their sharp edge. An extremely hard cutting edge produces an overall top-quality finish.

Flex-back blades offer excellent fatigue resistance, equating to longer blade life when used at high operating speed rates. They are a low-cost alternative for use on light section, low alloy steels, softwoods, nonferrous metals, and plastic.

The 101 Series Flex-Back bandsaw blade is recommended for materials that are easy to cut, like soft woods, light alloy steels, nonferrous metals, and some plastics.

The Hard-Back Carbon Steel bandsaw blade is designed with higher performance standards in mind and based on the materials this particular blade is able to cut.

Hard-Back Carbon Steel Blade’s back and teeth are heat-treated, creating a higher tensile strength that allows for straighter cuts at faster speed rates. The operator can run a hard-back blade at a higher cutting rate for an increased feed rate.

Hard-Back bandsaw blades are recommended for cutting materials like wood, mild steels, aluminium, brass, and plastics.

The two carbon blades are engineered and purposed differently yet still provide for a positive finish in any workload based on the blade’s design ability.

Flex-Back and Hard-Back carbon steel bandsaw blades are two economical saw blades, and both offer high quality end results.

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