Fixing Inside-Out Saw Blades

Fixing inside-out saw blades sounds as complex as the issue itself.

However, a saw blade that ends up turned inside-out does occasionally occur. Usually when an old saw blade is replaced.

For most saw operators, it is easiest just to fold the blade over in a figure 8, double it up on itself, and then double it again in the opposite direction, being very careful as it springs back into shape.

Here are a few time-tested techniques on how to uncoil or turn an inside-out blade back to the right position.

  1. Take the band in one hand and remove the twist ties
  2. With the band hanging vertically, rotate in both hands, separating the three loops to find the loose middle loop
  3. Using the hand holding only one loop, grasp the loose middle loop
  4. Retain the hold on these two loops, and holding away from the body, remove the other hand
  5. Separate the band by taking one loop in each hand and allow the band to spring open under controlled pressure

Follow these simple steps to untwist a band saw blade.

Always be sure to wear the proper safety gear and follow the correct safety measures. Goggles to protect the eyes and gloves to protect the arms and hands.

Safety first, and then following the steps provided above will help when working to unwind a twisted band saw blade.

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