Double-Weld Bandsaw Blades

Depending on the needs of our customers, Sawblade.com offers welded-to-length bandsaw blades. This process involves cutting the blade to length, welding it, and then annealing the blade.

There are rare instances when a bandsaw blade will have two welds instead of just one.

If an order for 16’ of bandsaw blade arrives, and the weld shop only has 10’ of band in stock, the manager may feel confident about permitting an employee to take the 10’ band and weld 6’ more provided it is from the same stock. The weld shop may weigh the potential for problems versus waste and loss. The customer has the right to refuse the product, too.

Negatives to the process include weld shop competency and customer confidence. Having two blade welds on a bandsaw blade increase the chance for weld breakage. One weld already increases this risk, so having two welds means double that risk.

Bandsaw blades are welded to form a continuous band. They have a natural tendency to break at or near the weld, but only if it is not properly installed or used according to the bandsaw machine’s specifications. Having two welds may shorten blade life and lessen its durability by compromising blade strength.

Tooth stripping is bound to occur with two welds. It compounds the issue of proper blade alignment and proper tension placed on the blade. The two weld blade has to be set properly in order to tolerate both weld points.

Another negative is questionable professional appearance and distributor thoroughness.

Weld breakage, shorter blade life, durability, decreased strength, and an increased chance for stripped teeth are just few of the issues encountered with a double-weld bandsaw blade. Inspect the blade prior to use and if not satisfied, contact the seller.

It isn’t often that a double-weld blade occurs in the industry, but if faced with one, the blade might be perfectly acceptable and show little in the way of defect. The choice and risk factors come down to the bandsaw operator.

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