Die Cast Steel: Cut it Using a Band Saw

Die cast metals are made by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable metal dies or die cavities. This process requires a high degree of precision. It also means that die cast metals require specific cutting techniques.

Band Saws and Die Cast Metals

Cutting die cast metals can be performed with a band saw machine. Most of these materials are soft, but the heat and pressure from die casting produces thin wall of castings. These castings are much stronger and lighter than other casting methods. Therefore, we advise using blades with finer tooth pitch to cut dies. Die cast metal also has high heat resistance. A blade with high heat resistance is key to cut the metal.

Top Tip for Cutting Die Cast Material

A great rule of thumb for band saw blade speed rates is this: Softer materials need a higher speed rate. Harder materials need a slower blade rate. That way, the blade can work its way through the entire workpiece. Since die cast metals are heat resistance, it needs a higher speed.

Knowing the type and thickness of the material is important to getting the best result. But, it’s not as important being familiar with the types of blade and machine being used in the cutting operation. If you’re looking for the right saw to cut die cast metals, visit Sawblade.com for a wide range of options.

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