Delta 28-245 Bandsaw: Comprehensive Review and Specifications

Have you ever faced the frustration of your bandsaw not performing at its best just when you need it the most? Imagine the motor stalling or slowing down, leaving your project unfinished. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your bandsaw in top shape, ensuring it delivers precise and efficient cuts through various materials like aluminum, plastic, and steel.

Statistics show that regular maintenance can extend a bandsaw’s lifespan by over 40%. Well-maintained bandsaws provide consistently accurate cuts and protect your investment. Here’s a comprehensive review and specifications of the Delta 28-245 Bandsaw to help you understand its features and benefits.

Side view of the Delta 28-245 Bandsaw in a woodworking shop, highlighting its sturdy frame and ergonomic design for efficient operation.

Benefits of the Delta 28-245 Bandsaw

The Delta 28-245 Bandsaw is engineered to provide accurate cuts without the need for a large stationary machine. Here are its key benefits:

  • Versatile Cutting Capability: Perfect for cutting wood, plastic, and metal with precision.
  • Compact and Portable: Weighs less than traditional stationary bandsaws, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with durable materials for long-term performance.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and operation, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

The Delta 28-245’s compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for various applications, whether on a construction site or in a workshop.

Components of the Delta 28-245 Bandsaw

To keep your Delta 28-245 Bandsaw in optimal condition, it’s essential to understand its key components:

  • Bandsaw Blade: A looped blade running around two rotating wheels.
  • Blade Guard and Guide Blocks: Adjustable to steady the blade vertically and horizontally.
  • Variable Speed Motor: Allows for different cutting speeds based on the material.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Provides a secure grip for safe and comfortable operation.
  • Protective Housing: Made of die-cast aluminum to protect internal mechanisms.

Regular maintenance of these components ensures your bandsaw remains fully adjusted, providing accurate cuts and extending its operational lifespan.

Maintaining Your Delta 28-245 Bandsaw

Consistent cleaning and routine maintenance are crucial to preventing premature wear on your bandsaw’s components. Here are some tips to keep your Delta 28-245 in peak condition:

Inspecting and Cleaning Your Saw

Regular inspection and cleaning remove hazardous debris accumulation.

  • Inspect the Blade: Check for chips, cracks, and breaks in the blade teeth. Replace dull or damaged blades immediately.
  • Clean the Components: Use compressed air to blow out dust and wipe away grime with a soft cloth. Use a nylon brush to remove built-up debris near moving parts.

Lubricating Components

Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear.

  • Lubricate the Blade: Use graphite sticks on the backside and cutting fluid or wax lubricant on the blade teeth.
  • Lubricate Gears and Bearings: Apply gear oil and lightweight machine oil to the gear assembly and shaft bearings.

Adjusting Components

Periodic adjustments ensure cutting accuracy.

  • Adjust Blade Tension and Tracking: Ensure new blades have the correct deflection and are properly tracked on the wheels.
  • Adjust Alignment and Guides: Verify that guide rollers sit flush on the blade sides and adjust guide blocks to be parallel with the blade.
Front view of the Delta 28-245 Bandsaw in a workshop setting, showcasing its robust build and integrated table for precise cutting.

Delta 28-245 Bandsaw Specifications

Model Number28-245
Motor1 HP, 120/240V, Single Phase
Blade Length93-1/2 inches
Blade Width1/8 to 3/4 inches
Cutting Capacity6 inches (height), 14 inches (throat)
Table Size16 x 16 inches
Table Tilt0 to 45 degrees
Speed3,000 SFPM
WeightApproximately 250 lbs
Frame ConstructionCast Iron
Additional FeaturesQuick-release blade tension, adjustable guide blocks

Safety Tips for Using Your Delta 28-245 Bandsaw

Safety is essential when using power-cutting tools. Follow these tips to minimize injury risks:

Using Protective Equipment

  • Eye and Hand Protection: Wear ANSI-approved safety glasses and cut-resistant gloves.
  • Hearing Protection: Use earplugs or earmuffs to protect your hearing.

Keeping Your Work Area Safe

  • Secure Workpieces: Avoid cutting small materials that can’t be securely grasped.
  • Prevent Binding: Secure awkwardly shaped workpieces in a vise.
  • Wear Appropriate Gear: Ensure slip-resistant footwear and avoid loose clothing near spinning blades.

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Upgrade Your Delta Bandsaw with Our Guide Kits

Delta 14 Guide Upgrade Kit

Introducing the Delta 14 Guide Kit, a high-quality conversion kit designed to elevate your saw’s performance and precision. Experience smoother and more accurate cuts with this essential upgrade for your woodworking needs.

  • Precision Sealed Ball Bearing Roller Guides: Significantly reduce blade friction for smoother operation.
  • Improved Cutting Accuracy: Ensures professional-quality cuts.
  • Adjustable for Blade Widths: Accommodates blades ranging from 3/16″ to 1″.

Upgrade your saw with the Delta 14 Guide Kit and experience a significant boost in performance. This kit is equipped with precision sealed ball bearing roller guides that drastically reduce blade friction, ensuring a smoother cutting experience. Priced at $149.95, it offers unmatched cutting accuracy and adjustability for various blade widths. Enhance your saw’s capabilities and achieve professional-quality results with this essential woodworking accessory.

Delta 14″ Hex Post Guide Upgrade Kit

Elevate your saw’s performance with the Delta 14″ Hex Guide Conversion Kit, designed exclusively for Delta 14″ saws featuring a hexagonal upper guide support post.

  • Precision Sealed Ball Bearing Roller Guides: Reduce blade friction and extend blade life.
  • Improved Cutting Accuracy: Enhance your saw’s precision for exceptional woodworking results.
  • Adjustable & Compatible: Accommodates blade widths ranging from 3/16″ to 1″.

Priced at $179.95, this Hex Guide Conversion Kit offers superior performance, enhanced accuracy, and the flexibility to tackle various woodworking challenges. Upgrade your Delta 14″ saw today and enjoy the benefits of advanced roller guides.

Delta 14″ Micro-Adjustable Guide Upgrade Kit

The Delta 14″ Micro-Adjustable Conversion Kit from Carter Products provides your saw with reduced blade friction and improved cutting accuracy.

  • Precision Sealed Ball Bearing Roller Guides: Ensure smoother operation.
  • Improved Cutting Accuracy: Delivers exceptional results.
  • Adjustable for Blade Widths: Accommodates blades ranging from 3/16″ to 1″.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: Allows easy adjustment of both side support and thrust bearing assemblies.

Priced at $206.96, this Micro-Adjustable Guide Kit offers tool-free adjustments and enhanced performance for all your woodworking needs.

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