Cutting P 110 Structural Steel

P 110 steel is a pipe casing that uses P 110 material made from the highest grade of steel, which is indicated by a white band painted on the finish.

When cutting structural-shaped materials, choosing a specific blade designed for that particular job is necessary. It is important to take the uneven structure of the material being cut into consideration, along with TPI requirements.

At Sawblade.com, we offer the Q 501 IC bandsaw blade, which is specifically engineered to effectively cut structural materials into various shapes such as bundled tubes, beams, and small solids, like P 110 steel.

The blade’s performance, whether cutting tubes, angles, or beams, will vary based on the set-up of the machine.

When cutting structural materials, start from a larger surface before going down to a smaller surface and vice versa. A blade that is not specifically engineered for this type of job will fail due to the stress applied to the metal blade.

When cutting P 110 steel, use a blade that is designed to cut tubing and other structural materials.

One difficulty in particular when cutting tubing is that it has a cross-sectional thickness at different points in the cut. For example, when cutting a round tube 36″ in diameter with a 1″ wall thickness, as the blade is at the center-line of the tube, it is cutting through 1″ of material at the top and bottom of the tube. However, when the blade is about to break through the inner wall of the tube, it is cutting through almost 12″ of material. Using a blade suitable for cutting through 1″ of material is not always the best blade to use when cutting through 12″ of material.

In order to maintain successful day-to-day cutting operations, it pays to select the appropriate blade for all cutting needs. A blade that properly fits the sawing requirements will positively impact productivity and result in effective output.


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