Cutting Bundles

Cutting bundles can prove to be the most abusive of applications to any bandsaw blade. The potential for damage to the saw blade is doubled and as a result, the saw band’s life expectancy is reduced by 20 – 25%.

Cutting bundles tends to stress a bandsaw blade, which is why saw blade manufacturers have developed a specific blade that fits ideally with this type of heavy-duty operation.

When cutting bundles, SawBlade.com customers are advised to use a bi-metal blade: specifically, the Haltbar Sägen 601 bandsaw blade.

The 601 Series is a saw blade proven to work effectively and efficiently through any heavy-duty bundle cutting process. It has triple-tempered M-42 cobalt high-speed steel teeth combined with a fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing strip that allows the saw blade to stay sharp longer when used for high-stress cuts.

The Haltbar 601 is also capable of withstanding the friction, heat build-up, abrasion, and shock that are common factors in stacked or bundle cut sawing.

The 601 Series saw blade offers a wide variety of tooth pitch, and the size of the work pieces to be cut will determine the use of a saw blade with the correct tooth pitch. It is recommended that you allow for a minimum of three teeth in the work piece at all times. This helps to provide high-beam strength, a reduction in upward deflection, and a decrease in the possibility of having the band body break under stress.


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