Cutting Aluminium

Aluminium is a relatively soft, durable metal that is lightweight, ductile, and malleable. Its appearance can range from dull, grey, to silver depending on the surface roughness. It is non-magnetic, won’t ignite with ease, and its low density and ability to resist corrosion are due to its being passive (a material becoming passive is being less affected by environmental factors such as air or water).

With a continued focus on using lighter materials wherever possible, particularly in the transportation industry, metal fabricators are interested in learning about the best ways to process aluminium materials.

Circular saws are used to cut aluminium, but due to recent advancements in bandsaw technology, that is changing. Bandsaws now feature ramp feed and speed, which allows the blade to enter the cut slowly before it speeds up and then slows down on exit.

Entry and exit are the two areas where the possibility for blade and material damage are greatest, but this controlled process eliminates that issue. The best news for a fabricator is that a bandsaw for this type of aluminium cutting application requires a significantly smaller capital investment than a circular saw.

Aluminium is a soft metal and use of a carbide blades seems logical since it will easily cut through metal. There is a less costly blade that will cut the same type of material, though, and in an excellent manner, too.

With the latest advancements in the bandsaw industry, a hardback carbon blade will cut aluminium and other soft materials like brass, wood, and plastics. The 201 Series – Haltbar Hardback Carbon Blade is Sawblade.com’s version of the hardback saw blade.

The Hardback has improved blade rigidity for a straighter and more accurate cut and allows for greater tension. The teeth are hardened, and it is coupled with a spring-tempered back that provides high tensile strength.

These features provide excellent cutting results, and not just on woods, but on aluminium as well. The best thing about this blade is that it may be the most economical bandsaw blade for cutting aluminium.

Using a standard M42 Bi-Metal for aluminium is not a problem. Standard M42 is excellent not just on aluminium, but is also very effective when cutting a wide variety of materials that the hardback carbon blade can’t. But, if only cutting aluminium, then the 201 Series – Haltbar Hardback Carbon Bandsaw Blade is your perfect choice.

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