Cutting 316 Stainless Steel

In metallurgy, stainless steel — also known as inox steel — is a steel alloy that has a minimum of 10.5% chromium mass content.

There are several types of stainless steel, and one of them is Austenitic steel. The second most common Austenitic steel is the 316 grade, also called marine-grade stainless, and is used primarily for its increased resistance to corrosion.

316 has a chemical composition of 16-18% Chrome, 10-14% Nickel, maximum of .08% Carbon, and 2-3% Molybdenum. This composition makes it harder and has a higher rigidity than the other stainless steel.

316 Stainless is used on the exterior of both the Petronas Twin Towers and the Jin Mao Building, two of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

At Sawblade.com, the best blade for cutting 316 Stainless Steel is the 701 Series Haltbar M42 HP (High Production).

This blade has a uniquely designed tooth edge and large gullet capacity for improved chip-carrying tooth geometry, and ground teeth. It has between a 10-12% cobalt high-speed steel tooth tip that comes with a high quality, 3% chrome backing designed for a constant feed and pressure process.

The M42 HP’s teeth are more course with heat and wear resistance, which allows for greater durability maintenance, longer blade life, and faster cutting ability compared with other blades.

Compared to other bi-metal blades made with M-42 steel, the M-71 steel blade’s strength is increased. It maintains a positive cutting action and is ideal for production cutting of exotic and nickel-based alloys, high hardness steels like 316 stainless, and for other solids.

316 stainless steel is harder than many other steel alloys. Stainless has a low carbon content, which requires taking extra precautions when cutting.

A good quality bandsaw blade will help to improve the chances of achieving a smooth and professional cut.

The 701 Series Haltbar M42 HP is an excellent option when cutting tough 316 stainless steel.
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