viceBandsaw machines are as common in woodworking shops as they are in the metal cutting industry. They are also one of the most powerful and extremely useful tools in both industries.

In either case, the machines consist of various and unique parts. Understanding them all and applying proper maintenance is essential to safe and productive output.

Two of the most essential parts of a bandsaw are the clamps and vices.

A vise is used to hold the material in a solid, fixed position and it usually consists of two jaws that open and close via screw or lever. The jaws are separate pieces made of soft or hard metal; usually with serrated or diamond teeth fabricated into them.

Protecting the cutting material requires the use of an extra-soft jaw. Soft jaw covers are made of aluminum, lead, plastic, or red fiber.



The clamp will help to secure large quantities into bundles, preventing the material from slipping and turning when the bandsaw blade enters into it.

Clamps also provide security and safety for the operator by preventing slipping and fly-away accidents during the cutting procedure. Side vises maintain materials position. The top saw clamp applies down pressure to prevent the material from escaping a bundle.

These two essential bandsaw parts work together as one during cutting operation. They have the same responsibility to maintain the stability and security of the material. Without these two parts, successful cutting of materials and machine performance cannot be achieved. They are crucial to achieving a successful cut.


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