Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades . . . are probably the coolest band saw blade ever produced. A must-have in any shop that production-cuts tough and hard materials like metals.

Here’s why.

First, a carbide tipped band saw blade is a metallic bodied saw blade with highly specialized teeth. A small bead of carbide is welded onto each tooth. They are proportionately cut and then ground sharp onto the saw blade. The result is that the very tips of the saw blade are now stronger than a Bi-Metal saw blade. A carbide tipped saw blade enables for aggressive cutting of materials that a Bi-Metal blade can’t.

This translates to the best tool in the shed. It is a precisely engineered saw blade created to maximize cutting performance.

The carbide tipped blade will allow the saw operator to cut without challenge most any metal, from mild hard stainless steel and titanium alloys to even the most exotics, such as tool steels, inconel, and high nickel alloys to name a few.

Owning the carbide tipped super blade is like owning an expensive solid carbide blade but with a major cost difference.

The carbide tipped saw blade cuts through any soft surface as well as the hardest material and yet still maintains its exceptional fatigue, shock, and wear resistance.

This precision engineered band saw blade has uses in a variety of work applications and will likely outlast the other saw blades previously used for cutting abrasive materials.

Carbide tipped band saw blades will remain sharp longer; ten to twenty times longer than a simple steel tipped saw blade because of its extreme durability. Plus, the carbide tipped blade is heat resistant, with a melting point of 5,200 °f (2,870 °c ).

The carbide tipped band saw blade is definitely a high quality blade of great value for the money.

Visit SawBlade.com and discover why the German engineered Haltbar Sagan Carbide Band Saw Blade is the answer to your toughest, most exotic metal cutting needs.

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