Calculate and Measure Basic Shapes

Calculate and Measure Basic Shapes — In ancient Greece, the Pythagorean’s considered the role of numbers in geometry. It is a discipline in mathematics concerning practical knowledge of length, area, and volume.

Mathematical calculation to measure different shapes of steel is necessary. Some of the steel shapes that are cut with band saw machines include squares, rectangles, tubing, and circles.

To assure correct operational use of a band saw, it is important to figure out the total area of the material being cut. These factors will help to determine the cutting speed.

Squares and Rectangles

To measure the area of rectangles, multiply the Height and Base of the material.

The formula is H x B = Total Area.


Think of pie — Pi

Pi is a fixed value of 3.14 relating to the circumference (distance around the outside edge) of a circle. The distance across the widest point of a circle is the Diameter.

To calculate the area within a circle: a solid round, use half the diameter of a circle to calculate the area of the circle.

The formula for the area of a circle is Pi x r2  (3.14 x the Radius x itself.)


Calculate the area of the outside, then subtract the area of the inside.

The formula is H x B = Area. So Area 1 (the outside) – Area2 ( the inside) = Area of Tubing.

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