C-3000 Full Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Coolant fluid is designed specifically for metal cutting applications and machining processes. It is made to cool the material being cut and lubricate the blade doing the cutting. The oil used provides a measure of corrosion protection and helps remove metal shavings (chips).

The two types of coolant or sawing fluid are synthetic and semi-synthetic. Both are translucent blue, water soluble, and designed as moderate to heavy-duty sawing fluid.

Full synthetic is used in all sawing and grinding procedures while semi-synthetic is created exclusively for sawing applications alone.

At SawBlade.com, we offer both varieties of coolant in C-2000 semi-synthetic and C-3000 full synthetic coolant.

C-3000 full synthetic offers benefits that will help to extend bandsaw and blade life while improving performance. It offers great materials visibility, cooling effect, and clean system maintenance. These depend on the materials being cut, though. Full synthetic works best with all types of metals, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, high alloy steel, stainless, and exotic alloys.

Dilution rate is 1:7  —  1 part fluid to 7 parts water for sawing applications, and 1:10  —  1 part fluid to 10 parts water for grinding use.

C-3000 Full Synthetic Coolant properties include a look of concentrated amber liquid with a slight haze when diluted, low odor, and a soft, soluble residue that is soapy water clean-up. An optical refractometer may be used to determine concentration.


Centerless, ID, OD Surface Grinding 25:1 (4%) — Milling, Drilling, Turning 10:1 / 20:1 (5%) — Misting Applications 30:1 / 40:1 (2.5%)

An environment friendly coolant that is easy to maintain and control while maintaining a consistent material temperature. Maintain manufacturer recommended temperature and avoid extremely hot or alternating hot-cold fluctuation.

C-3000 is low-foam even under high agitating conditions. It has organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors that protect the machine and parts from rust. It is very resistant to mold and bacteria and a great choice for individual saw applications.

C-3000 full synthetic coolant is pleasant to use and doesn’t fog or leave a slippery, oily film on parts of the machine. It  doesn’t contain chlorine, sulfur, silicon, petroleum, or sulfonate, making it pleasant to use and a non-irritant for the bandsaw machine operator.

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