Bandsaws and Cold Saws

Wilton W225 Bench Model Cold Saw

Wilton W225 Bench Model Cold Saw

Bandsaws and cold saws are both made in order to help lessen the burden of machine shops tasked with cutting a variety of materials for industrial use.

Both types of machine may be excellent at proving purpose, but these two machines are also quite different.

Both the bandsaw and the cold saw differ in the type of blade used during a cutting operation.

A cold saw uses a blade with circular teeth made of high speed steel or tungsten-tipped jaws. The cold saw is usually supported by an electric motor and gear reduction unit to control speed.

A bandsaw uses a flat, continuous band of metal with the teeth on one edge. It usually rides on two wheels that rotate on the same plane. The bandsaw will usually come equipped with brushes to help prevent chips from becoming stuck in between the blade’s teeth.

One very important difference between a bandsaw and a cold saw is portability.

Most cold saws are portable and hand-held during the cutting process. Band saw machines are usually large and stationary. Automatic cold saws exist but even they are still portable.

Before choosing between a bandsaw and a cold saw, first evaluate the cut quality and volume requirements. It is always important to fit the machine to the application. If bundle cutting large volumes of materials with accuracy not a big issue, then a bandsaw machine is your best option. If a more accurate and clean cut right off the machine is required, then a cold saw is a better choice.

Bandsaws are usually available in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer different cutting patterns. Aside from cutting wood, recent advancements in sawing technology make the bandsaw capable of cutting stone and some hard metals.

Technically, the maximum diameter for a cold saw cut is between to 5 and 6 inches. Anything larger than 6 inches in diameter falls into the bandsaw machine’s cutting capacity and capabilities.

The question as to which machine is best will arise, and the simplest answer is — both. Both the bandsaw and the cold saw machines are excellent in their own right and depending on the job application. Every machine has its advantages and disadvantages, and every machine has its unique purpose. The choice depends on the work.

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