Bandsaw Preventive Maintenance


Scheduled preventive bandsaw maintenance will increase productivity by decreasing cost, down time, and stress.

Preventive maintenance will help to increase blade life while decreasing the need for emergency maintenance repairs.

Well‐maintained bandsaw machines make efficient, quality cuts while increasing worker safety.

Preventive maintenance procedure for any bandsaw operator includes the following:

    • Check band wheels at every blade change
    • Monitor band wheel bearings every six months — check for unusual wheel movement, replacing as needed
    • Installation of guides must be in accordance with machine manufacturer’s instructions
    • Inspect band guides every six months minimally
    • Blade tension daily check
    • At every blade change, inspect blade tension according to manufacturer’s recommendations
    • Before removing each blade, monitor blade tracking — correct spacing between back edge of blade and wheel flange should be about one-eighth inch
    • Daily inspect hydraulics system and frequently check oil level
    • Drives must be checked every six months — visually inspect all bearings
    • Check transmission oil level, replace defective bearings / seals
    • Check drive wheel for excessive play
    • Check for proper alignment, tension, and wear of pulleys — adjust, and if damaged, replace
    • Inspect belts for wear, cracks, stretching — replace according to manufacturer’s manual guidelines
    • Daily check guide alignment — adjust according to manual guidelines
    • Inspect vises for wear on both stationary and movable — adjust, repair, or replace if needed
    • Align vise to blade and adjust as needed
    • Weekly check band speed — monitor maximum / minimum speeds
    • Daily inspect chip removal system — make sure conveyor system works proper, remove all chips
    • Daily monitor saw fluids — maintain levels to specification, assure free fluid flow through all nozzles

Preventive maintenance will enhance cutting performance and attain optimum life expectancy by decreasing the need to replace dull, breakable blades. A well maintained bandsaw machine simply performs better, and taking the time to maintain on a regular basis will assure that optimum performance.

Thorough working knowledge and maintenance procedures are imperative to any successful manufacturing endeavor. Just as important, the bottom line for any bandsaw operator is safety in order to assure a smooth and efficient cutting process.

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