Bandsaw Machine Vibration

There are different factors to consider when trying to determine the causes of excessive bandsaw machine vibration. A noisy bandsaw machine indicates improper use or parts malfunction.

As the number of cut pieces increase, the sound pressure level also increases; indicating that noise level is proportional to the vibration wavelength. Eliminating bandsaw machine vibration will reduce cutting noise and increase efficiency.

Machine manufacturers have developed damping devices while saw blade producers focus on varied-pitch saw blades and unique tooth design as a way of helping to reduce bandsaw vibration. These attempts have resulted in successful increase in blade life and cutting rates, but the bandsaw machine vibration issue remains.

To determine where the sound originates, unplug the machine and open the covers. Turn the wheels by hand to check for noise. The source made be from the blade hitting the tracking.

Remove the blade and let the motor run to check if it is the possible cause. Blade vibration occurs when the teeth in the material is transmitted through the wheels. Similarly, vibration from other mechanisms will come through the frame and compromise the wheels, creating an inaccurate cut.

Other things to consider include bearing problems. If there isn’t enough tension, then the blade and bearing rarely make contact. The blade will not return to its original setup position when the force of the cut is removed.

The saw blade may not be installed correctly, or there could be weld breakage or missing teeth, which means the blade needs to be replaced.

Blade guides not being properly installed will affect blade tracking and cause vibration.

It might be a bit difficult to determine the exact cause of bandsaw machine noises as a result of vibration, but there are certain sounds that are an easy give-away in helping to determine cause. Sometimes it is obvious by sight as to which part of the machine needs checking.

When operating a bandsaw machine, it is not just about cutting materials but also about the importance of knowing each part, its function, and understanding subtleties in order to help keep the machine and production in satisfactory shape.

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