Bandsaw Machine Choice

Choosing the right bandsaw machine depends on the types of materials to be or that are always being cut. Knowing the proper maintenance and handling procedures helps, too. Understanding the unique aspects of a horizontal versus a vertical bandsaw is vital as well.

Vertical and horizontal bandsaws are different species of bandsaw machine yet both are used to work metals and wood in order to achieve a variety of end results.

HE&M_Automatic_Horizontal_BandsawThe horizontal bandsaw is typically used to cut large work pieces: possessing the ability and capacity for this type of work, and in a larger model, automatically, with the use of a computerized console.

Horizontal models are used in large manufacturing and petroleum facilities, metal fabricating, auto, and motorcycle shops, and in the tool and die industry to name a few.

The industrial-use horizontal bandsaw will cut structural beams, joists, bundles, and solids. They are also used to cut materials from soft woods, plastics, and soft metals to graphite, titanium, and other exotic metals.

The vertical bandsaw is often of smaller size and typically used to cut woods and more pliable materials. They are common in smaller shops and at home, although the lumber industry is known for their extensive use of the vertical bandsaw.

vertical-bandsawVertical bandsaws are great for re-sawing — a process that you almost have to see to believe — making them particularly capable and efficient. They require less power and are good at making continuous cuts utilizing an endless circular blade, but with the capacity for material manipulation by hand for complex cuts.

The obvious choice for industry woodworkers as well as for the home hobbyist.

With either the horizontal or vertical bandsaw machine, it is important to take into consideration the types of saw blades to be used. Like the machines themselves, saw blades are not all alike.

After deciding on the type of bandsaw machine to purchase, and depending on the intended use, learn more about the different blade types, models, and their usage on specific types of materials. Using the right blade for any cutting process is crucial if success and satisfaction are to be expected.

Whether building a birdhouse or sculpting metal, the smaller vertical bandsaw will work well using 110 power source, but if it is a horizontal bandsaw, everything depends on size.

There are thousands of skilled professionals happy to help a new bandsaw operator. Go online and browse through all of the specialized magazines, find bandsaw owner/operator forums, and don’t forget to seek the expert technical advice of a local supplier.

Here at SawBlade.com, we’ll be happy to help as well. Our website offers the advice and information needed to make an informed decision and the right purchase.

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