Bandsaw Blade Twist

Bandsaw blade twist occurs when the saw blade suddenly changes direction — left or right — while making a cut. The term might not be familiar to some but this is actually a common problem that can crop up during the cutting process.

Some common causes of bandsaw blade twist include the saw blade binding in the cut. This occurs when the amount of feed force applied exceeds the required rate.

  • Reduce the feed rate or follow the saw blade manufacturer’s recommended feed rates

The wrong blade width is used on radius cuts.

  • Use a narrower blade or refer to the bandsaw’s owner’s manual for recommended blade widths regarding cutting radii and contours

If the bandsaw blade is over or under tension, it will twist the blade. Always apply and maintain appropriate tension to the saw blade. Many bandsaws have a gauge that tells how much tension should be applied to the blade based on width.

  • Refer to the owner’s manual for the correct blade tension

The set guide inserts or rollers are too tight. The upper and lower side guides and thrust bearing must be set according to the manual.

  • Properly set the guides

A successful cutting process is achieved through an operator’s basic knowledge and attention during any cutting procedure — knowing every aspect of the cutting process in order to achieve a positive end result.

Circumstances still arise — like bandsaw blade twist — and sometimes knowing the cause will help to avoid the problem.

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