Band Saw Tooth Pitch

Band Saw Tooth Pitch — a guide.

First and foremost, there should be a minimum of three teeth in a cut and a maximum of 24 teeth. Optimally then, there should be six to twelve teeth in any one cutting operation for best output performance.

Softer materials require fewer teeth in the cut, but more gullet capacity. The harder materials being worked with will require more teeth in a cut, sharing the machine-ability load but with less gullet area.

Constant-feed band saw machines can use a coarser pitch blade while gravity-feed machines can use a finer pitch blade.

Too many teeth in the cut will work to create undue heat and shorten blade life. While machining the material, chips will build up in the gullet area and cause the blade to bounce across the material, ultimately stripping the blade and result in failure.

Other variables include the saw itself.

What are its machining capabilities and the condition of the band saw in operation?

Cleaning the band saw machine of chips, assuring the function of the chip brush and the integrity of the guides, and even a quick visual inspection of the saw blade at least once a week are critical to optimum performance and avoidance of saw teeth breaking during any cutting procedure.

Don’t forget the hydraulics throughout the machine itself.

The operator variable: how many operators are using the machine and for what purpose?

Multiple operators may mean multiple perspectives on blade usage, machine and blade set up, and production rate. This could impact T.P.I.

For specific job performance, what is the production expectation as well as the blade life requirement?

If it is necessary for one blade to cut for a certain amount of time before being replaced, make sure all due diligence is being performed on this valuable piece of equipment.

And finally, the finish. What is the end result desired in production once it is on the floor, on the shelf, or out the door?

To be confident in the tension on the blade; the thickness of the blade, and to eliminate any movement, it is important to assure that the guides are tight and in good condition.

These are specific guidelines meant to help prevent premature breakage and tooth loss during any cutting procedure and should be followed on a regular basis in order to insure longevity of any band saw blade.

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