Band Saw Safety Guidelines

Band Saw Safety, a need-to-know guide for health and welfare purposes when operating any band saw.

Training and safety have often been an afterthought when new hires, experienced or not, come on board. But it remains to be a fact that the loss in man-hours due to this lack of due diligence, either on the part of the operator or the company, can end up costing thousands of dollars in lost time and production revenue. Maybe even millions should the lack of safety training result in catastrophic loss and legal recourse.

On the job safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Nothing is lost if simple guidelines are enforced while operating any band saw machine, and below is a list of some of the safety precautions that need to be considered while operating a band saw.

  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines for the band saw machine being operated
  2. Always wear protective eye gear when working with the band saw
  3. Don’t take chances — Keep fingers out of the path of the saw blade
  4. Use push sticks when necessary to avoid placing your fingers near the blade
  5. Decrease the feed pressure at the approach of the end of cut
  6. Keep the wheel covers shut while the band saw is running
  7. Adjust the upper guide approximately 1/4 in. above the work piece before starting the band saw
  8. Keep the blade guard in place
  9. If the blade breaks or runs off the wheels, do not open the covers until the machine has come to a complete stop
  10. Disconnect the band saw from the power source before changing blades
  11. Stop the saw before removing small chips that become stuck in the throat
  12. Make sure the work piece stays in contact with the table at the point where the blade exits

None of these guidelines will cost a thing in assuring that they are followed, and they could save time as well as money along with being vital to the safety and welfare of the band saw machine operator.

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