501 Series Bandsaw Blade

Structural materials are made up of different types of steel formed in a specific shape or cross-section, and to cut these types of materials requires a specific bandsaw blade.

Knowing blade type and tooth pitch as applied to materials, specific shape, and size is helpful as well as being key to successful output. Whether carbon, carbide, or bi-metal, the various saw blade types all possess unique features for specific usage.

Bi-metal saw blades are general-purpose workhorse saw blades considered a preferred blade for use on structural materials. The bi-metal has unique, coarser teeth with high wear resistance, making them durable and long-lasting.


Bi-metal blades are made up of two types of steel — spring steel, often used for backing, and high speed steel used for edging. The most common type of high-speed steel is M-42. M-42 saw blade steel is made of alloyed high-speed steel with an 8% cobalt backing.

SawBlade.com offers the 501 Series IC bi-metal saw blade.

A bi-metal blade with heavy-set teeth made of M-42 high-speed steel, the 501 Series is ideal for cutting small solids, angle irons, tubes, channel steels, bundles, and structural shapes. High-speed grade steel is hardened to improve wear resistance.

The M-42 high-speed steel tooth tips maximize cutting performance while minimizing kerf loss. Its heavy set teeth provide extra blade clearance to minimize binding or pinching when beam stress is relieved and if bundles move during a cut. The tooth geometry reduces noise levels and vibration, leaves a smooth finish, and prevents stripping. This makes the 501 series blade the most cost-effective choice for bundle and structural cutting for quick, smooth performance.

The 501 Series is the solution for cutting harder materials, allowing faster cutting rates with heat, shock, and abrasion resistance. It will cut structural steel sections, small solids, and large cross-section including H- and I-beams. An advantage of the spring steel body is that it allows blade flex without breaking. The hardened, high-speed steel edge will stay sharp longer compared to other saw blade types.

Most machinists agree that bi-metal blades like the 501 Series are suitable for hard operation steel construction. The 501 Series IC bi-metal bandsaw blade is the preferred structural materials handling saw blade. It is important to remember correct size and tooth pitch in any cutting application using this series of blade.

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