The 501 and 701 Bandsaw Blades

The 501 and 701 Bandsaw Blades are two Haltbar Sägen bi-metal bandsaw blades with a lot of similarities between them. It is hopeful that this post will help to distinguish the two for better understanding when it comes time to purchase either blade.

Specifically — the Haltbar M42 HP and IC Series.

Both are widely used in steel service centers and production cutting houses because these blades are designed for production cutting.

Both blades can withstand materials requiring high and heavy-duty performance because they have unique and course teeth with heat and wear resistance.

These types of features allow for greater durability, longer blade life, and faster cutting ability compared with other types of bandsaw blades.

There are differences as well.

The 501 series is made of M42 high-speed steel, which makes it ideal for cutting structural steel sections, tubes, and small solids, including large cross- section like H- and I-beams. It can also cut in bundles utilizing the heavy set of teeth that provide for better clearance; accomplished in such a way that during the process, abrasion and shock are reduced as well as the noise level. This results in a smooth and fast cutting process, which means there is less chance of having the blade’s teeth strip.

The 701 series is uniquely designed for production cutting of large solid sections of exotic and nickel-based alloys such as Inconel, D2, stainless steel, and Monel. It is made up of 8% cobalt high-speed wire electronically welded to premium backer, helping to improve performance when cutting stock bars and solid rounds, or when used under constant feed and pressure.

Although the 501 and 701 series of bandsaw blades are both made for optimal operation and output, and they may possess similar cutting aspects, each of these blades is unique.

With any cutting procedure, the material to be cut is what needs to be taken into consideration first, before choosing the appropriate bandsaw blade for the machine being used and the material being processed.

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