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How to keep your chop saw up and running

How to keep your chop saw up and running. Chop saw is really a handy power tool to have in your workshop. Just like any power tool, the steel shop saw is designed to cut back on the time and effort it takes for you to cut woods or steel stock so you can finish your projects quickly and devote the time you save to other important tasks. However, your chop saw will only work as well as you maintain it. In other words, you have to keep it in tip-top shape all the time. Power tools such as the miter …

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How to choose a circular saw blade

How to choose a circular saw blade. Choosing the right circular saw blade for the materials that you are going to cut is one of the few important steps you need to consider before you start your cutting operation. Woodcutting requires several different types of blades than metal cutting. Metal cutting does not necessarily mean that you will only be using one blade for all the materials you are going to cut. Circular saw blade for non-ferrous metal cutting Circular saw blades for non-ferrous metals as it implies, are blades specially designed for cutting soft metals like brass or copper. It can also …

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