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Visit is one of the fastest growing companies selling quality bandsaw blades. If you visit our website, there is detailed information about each blade and added info about usage and type. We offer various shipping options as well as ground and next-day shipping. Ordering bandsaw blades online is straightforward, hassle-free, and completely secure. Buying online is simple by just clicking on the links that provide details about blade size, TPI, blade type, thickness, and length. Bandsaw suppliers create websites to help build recognition and to use this as a marketing tool to attract customers. It is easy for customers to find the products they are looking for …

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The Right Blade for the Right Material

Selecting the right blade for the machine and the materials being cut are important factors to consider when purchasing bandsaw blades. Each blade type has a specific purpose. For cutting wood, it is best to use a carbon blade, which is cost-effective, the bi-metal blades are durable and affordable metal-cutting blades, and the carbide-tipped blade is designed to cut exotic metals and abrasive woods. Know dimensions. The buyer should know the specific material being cut and its thickness. Each bandsaw blade is designed to cut certain types of material. Knowing the material helps in the purchase of the right blade type …

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The Chip Brush

The chip brush is a nondescript equipment piece on both horizontal and vertical bandsaws. They are designed to increase blade performance by keeping the gullets free of debris. The chip brush performs a critical role in the function and lifespan of the blade and the machine. In order to produce a clean cut, clean gullets are necessary. It will reduce blade stripping, wear, and welded chips to the blade teeth. It will eliminate rough cuts and minimize blade bounce. Chip brushes on most bandsaws are mechanical and motor-driven. As the blade passes the spinning steel brush, the brush removes the spiral shaped chips from …

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Keeping Blades Clean

Bandsaw blade maintenance is important for productive output as well as operator safety. A dirty bandsaw blade will dull fast, thus shortening its original lifespan. There are several easy and effective ways for keeping blades clean while guarding against things like build-up and rust. Cleaning bandsaw blades will extend blade life, keep it sharp, and help to avoid stripped teeth and crooked cuts. These are apt to occur with debris build-up in the gullets. It is especially prevalent in smaller shops using smaller, vertical bandsaws that may not be equipped with a chip brush or a cool/lubricate implement built in. Residue is in the pitch, where …

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