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Variable Speed Pulley

A variable speed bandsaw machine has several speed drive systems located within the base of the machine. It consists of two v-pulleys mounted on a common bearing tube. A belt on one pulley is driven by the transmission while the belt on the other pulley drives the saw band drive wheel. Two outside pulley cones are fixed, but the middle cone shifts when the speed change wheel is turned. These two v-pulleys play a significant role in controlling the machine’s blade speed and help provide accurate cuts. The main advantage of variable speed pulley is its being economical. It allows for various …

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Bandsaw Vibration

Bandsaw vibration is counterproductive to a smooth cut, and having material wriggle right off the machine makes for a time-consuming effort. Solving the issue of bandsaw vibration is often as simple as maintenance, with the option to upgrade having an even greater impact on quality of cut and overall performance. With all of the moving parts on a bandsaw, possible sources of excess vibration are varied, but it would be best to start with worn or inferior drive belts. Old, well-worn belts or the purchase of a cheap belt with lumps or inconsistencies will indicate just cause for unnecessary vibration. Blade check comes next. Loosen and …

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