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Issues with Square Cut

A few of the possible causes for a bandsaw machine’s inability to cut square depend on the nature of the problem. Is the bandsaw level and secure? Are the load and discharge conveyors on the same plane as the vise bed? Are the saw guide inserts, backup bearings, and thumbscrews all in good condition? Are the band wheel and wheel bearings in good or bad condition? Is the saw head squarely adjusted to the fixed vise? Does the pivot head show wear? If the saw cut is dished or curved, the cause might be inadequate band tension, excessive feed force, the feed control system may be out of calibration, applying …

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Bandsaw Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled preventive bandsaw maintenance will increase productivity by decreasing cost, down time, and stress. Preventive maintenance will help to increase blade life while decreasing the need for emergency maintenance repairs. Well‐maintained bandsaw machines make efficient, quality cuts while increasing worker safety. Preventive maintenance procedure for any bandsaw operator includes the following: Check band wheels at every blade change Monitor band wheel bearings every six months — check for unusual wheel movement, replacing as needed Installation of guides must be in accordance with machine manufacturer’s instructions Inspect band guides every six months minimally Blade tension daily check At every blade change, inspect blade tension according to manufacturer’s recommendations Before removing …

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Maximize Bandsaw Blade Life

Maximizing bandsaw blade life will help to save time and money, and proper blade maintenance is paramount to effective output. Quality bandsaw blades are essential when high-volume metal cutting — yet even the highest quality bandsaw blades aren’t designed to last forever. At some point the blade will fail due to wear. Common problems that result from dull and improperly set blades include inaccurate cuts, stripping, worn out teeth, and if abused, blade breakage. The reason for these issues is that neglect of important bandsaw blade use rules are in effect. Things like incorrect blade installation, improper wheel alignment, incorrect feed and speed rates, and incorrectly set guides. Ways to lengthen bandsaw blade life …

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