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C-3000 Full Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Coolant fluid is designed specifically for metal cutting applications and machining processes. It is made to cool the material being cut and lubricate the blade doing the cutting. The oil used provides a measure of corrosion protection and helps remove metal shavings (chips). The two types of coolant or sawing fluid are synthetic and semi-synthetic. Both are translucent blue, water soluble, and designed as moderate to heavy-duty sawing fluid. Full synthetic is used in all sawing and grinding procedures while semi-synthetic is created exclusively for sawing applications alone. At, we offer both varieties of coolant in C-2000 semi-synthetic and C-3000 full synthetic coolant. C-3000 …

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Mist Coolant

A mist coolant system sprays fluid onto the saw blade and the material being cut. This helps to decrease cutting heat produced while also keeping the blade lubricated. It is recommended for both small and large cutting processes. Bandsaw machines offer two types of coolant set up:  flood and mist. Mist coolant systems achieve good blade lubrication, providing a cleaner work environment. They require the use of a standard air line or stream that creates suction to help draw fluid from a pump to meet air and form a mist spray. The lubricant is applied directly to the saw blade either through a spray hose or a nozzle head. …

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Cutting Fluids

Excessive heat, entry shock, and high-speed abrasion are the top three blade destroyers, causing bandsaw blades to prematurely wear and fail. Shortened blade life causes expense by having to spend more money purchasing new blades. To help protect bandsaw blades from early fail, and to help save time and money, it is recommended that bandsaw operators use cutting fluid. Cutting fluid can mean coolant or lubricant. The terms are indiscriminate now and used to describe either coolant or lubricant. They are used to dissipate heat on a saw blade as it works its way through the material, providing a coating or lubricant to the blade — increasing blade life, protecting the …

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Bandsaw Vise / Vise Clamp Use

Vises or vise clamps are used in every bandsaw operation:  woodworking, metalworking, and for cutting various objects. Both vise and clamp are used to describe the same thing, but technically, a vise clamp refers to a portable or hand-held clamping tool and a vise refers to a bench-mounted clamp. Both serve the same significant role in the cutting process: to hold materials in place, allowing work to be performed. They are particularly useful in cutting irregular or curved shapes but can also be used to produce straight cuts. They perform better at steady hold than flesh & bone hands, making it a safer bet as well. Vises are versatile enough …

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