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D2 Steel and the Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade

D2 steel is a type of vacuum heat treated steel that is raised to a high temperature and then rapidly cooled by vacuum process. An air-hardened steel composed of a large amount of carbon and chromium, with a high chromium content that gives D2 its mild corrosion resistance properties. Typical applications include forming dies and rolls, punches, knives, shear blades, scrap choppers, and tire shredders. D2, Inconel, and other exotic materials are considered very hard steels and require the use of a saw blade designed exclusively for these materials. Bi-metal blades work best. The 601 Series Haltbar M42 bandsaw blade is widely …

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Carbon Bandsaw Blades

Choosing the right bandsaw blade for the job depends on the materials to be cut, and understanding the reasons why one blade is best over another will help to assure prolonged blade life. It will depend on the type of bandsaw, its current condition, the materials to be cut, and how they will be cut. Relying on one blade for every purpose won’t work and isn’t a good idea, especially if cost factors are an issue and quality is a goal. It is impossible for one blade to serve every purpose, so to assure that the perfect blade is being utilized, and to achieve optimum …

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