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Tune-Up of Bandsaws

Bandsaws that are properly tuned cut true, do not drift, and work effectively in straight and curved cuts. It will not require the addition of hundreds of dollars in accessories, either; just help to make the machine run more efficiently. Simple adjustments will help to keep the saw cutting true, and the order of adjustment is designed for either a new machine or one that could really use a good tune-up. Blade selection —  may be the most important section of all. The correct blade is critical to optimum performance. A wide, coarse blade is for re-sawing; a fine, narrower blade is for thin stock. Too …

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Bandsaw Operation Safety Guidelines

Bandsaw operation poses risk to the operator and liability to the company; specifically if improper maintenance continues along with there being no steps taken in precaution and preparation. Operating bandsaw machines requires multiple pre and in operation awareness in order to realize a safe and effective cutting process. Daily machine maintenance and pre-operating safety requirements need to be met. The operator should have a checklist of these procedures and the right tools for machine repair prior to any cutting of materials. The checklist will serve as a guide to maintaining the life and value of the bandsaw while also aiding in a safe and …

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