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Machining Alloys

Machining alloys is what most metal cutting industry shops do. Fabrication, drilling, cutting, milling, bending, and punching operations will all end up encountering problems in the process of machining alloys. Rough finish, bending of materials, poor product texture, and machine aspects like wear, tear, and blade dulling or breakage. These issues cause slow production output and incur unwanted cost — to both materials and equipment. Aluminum alloys are a commonly used lightweight metallic materials that are easy to shape. Aluminium alloys are material that offers high machine ability as opposed to titanium or magnesium. Factors to consider when machining alloys include tool life, chip removal, removal rate, …

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Treating Steel

Treating steel is the controlled heating and cooling process used to structurally change and alter the physical and mechanical properties of the material. This process will also occur when steel is being welded, or due to manufacturing processes that either heat or cool metals. The amount of heat is measured by the temperature of the treated steel. Proper heating requires precise control of temperature and uses heat or cold — usually to extremes in either case — in order to achieve a desired result, which is the hardening or softening of a material. Steels are an iron and carbon alloy, and while all metals …

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