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The Hyd-Mech M20 Bandsaw

For thirty years, Hyd-Mech has provided the machining industry with quality bandsaw machines. Hyd-Mech has proven to be one of the leading bandsaw manufacturers in the metal cutting industry. The company is known for their innovative solutions to design and manufacture of quality bandsaws. One of their best models is the Hyd-Mech M20 bandsaw. The Hyd-Mech M20 is a scissor style bandsaw that provides for exceptional miter cutting. The miter can cut from 60 to 90 degrees, making it an excellent machine for large fabrication jobs. Heavy-duty applications are also widely used with this model. The M20 runs on a 10HP motor with 3HP hydraulics and can …

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The Velox 460 DC Bandsaw

The Velox 460 DC Bandsaw is a bandsaw to consider when the purchase of a dual-column bandsaw is required. The Velox 460 fully automatic bandsaw features highly efficient and innovative mechanical structures combined with PLC memory, human-machine interface, linear encoders, and an NC control system. Numerical control (NC) is the automation of machine tools operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a computer control panel. Standard features on the Velox 460 DC include: Touch screen and rotary encoder Hydraulic carbide guide Built-in language choice Motor inverter that controls blade speed Control panel human-machine interface Working light and material detecting device Full-stroke …

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Trajan 270 Manual Bandsaw

In a smaller-scale metalworking shop, or even a larger shop that doesn’t daily-cut metals, it is important to invest wisely in the right bandsaw for the right purpose. A consideration in this case might be the Trajan 270 Manual Bandsaw. The Trajan 270 Manual bandsaw is a good machine that is built with small-scale metalworking shops in mind. This compact bandsaw takes up a minimum of  floor space. It weighs up to 529 lbs (240 kg) and specializes in cutting normal steel and steel pipes. It uses an 8′ 1” x 1”  wide saw blade, a  1-1/2 HP motor, and with a cutting capacity of materials up to nine …

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The V100 Series Vertical Bandsaw

For nearly 50 years, the V100 Series Vertical Bandsaw is still a reliable and effective bandsaw in production cutting. HE&M is one of the leading names in the bandsaw manufacturing industry. Their machines are American designed, engineered, and manufactured. They are also one of the country’s largest distributor of bandsaw machines. They now offer 72 models of production bandsaw, including verticals, horizontals, plate, and double-column machines where cutting capacity can range from 12” x 12” up to 80” x 80”.  All are used extensively in the steel and metalworking industries. The company offers four vertical bandsaws in four different series: the V/ VT 100, 120, 140, and 200 …

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