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Maintaining Bandsaw Blade Teeth

This is an economical and likely well-known bit of helpful advice for maintaining bandsaw blade teeth. Save the plastic cap strips that arrive with your brand new bandsaw blade. Bandsaw blade teeth are designed to cut specific materials. The teeth are critical in providing high production rates and an overall positive output. This reason and for safety purposes is why the teeth are often protected by capping prior to shipping. Contact with bandsaw blade teeth that aren’t capped is one of the most common causes of injury and why caution is necessary when handling any bandsaw blade. Bandsaw blade manufacturers and distributors …

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Blade Guides

Bandsaw blade guides keep the bandsaw blade on track while cutting through materials. Blade guides should be set above and below the saw table to help reduce vibration by holding the bandsaw blade in place while cutting. This assures a precise and quality cut. Carbide blade guides are made of high quality materials but can still wear out due to the amount of friction made by the blade during the cutting process. It is important to determine if the guide’s wear is normal or caused by operator error. Check the worn-out guides for any indication of problems and make the proper adjustments to the bandsaw. Improperly adjusted …

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Bandsaw Tires

Bandsaw tires are one of the many essential parts of a bandsaw machine. Tires protect the wheels in order to help improve saw performance. They provide adhesion to the metal wheels so that the blade stays on the wheels, moving smoothly and continuously around the saw. A well-maintained bandsaw machine’s tires will always be in good shape, be soft and pliable, and made of quality materials. If they become hard, brittle if rubber, worn out, or are cracked, then it is time to replace them. If the tires are not replaced, blade drift will occur due to the blade not being properly set on …

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