What to Look for in a Used Band saw

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One of the most useful and versatile tools  in a saw operator’s shop is a band saw machine. Nowadays, it is a good idea to spend money wisely due to the rising prices of all goods and commodities. An individual might consider on buying a used band saw instead of a new one obviously because he wants to save and be able to find a great deal. A couple of things  need  to  be checked on  the machine and to make sure that it functions as expected!

Here are important and detailed tips on what to check in a used band saw;

  1. Band wheels should be in good shape and will not wobble. To check,  grab each wheel with both hands and push with one hand and pull with the other.  Check to be sure that they are fairly well balanced too.
  2. Check the bearings. Spin the wheels to check and see if they are in good condition.
  3. Check the tires, see if they are in good shape if there is a grove worn in them they need to be replaced.
  4. Check the guide block and adjustment knobs. Make sure that the tracking and tensioning adjustments both work.
  5. Check under the table to look for plastic or metal trunnions since they are easy to break and costly and almost impossible to replace.
  6. Check to assure that the  motor and brake are effectively working.
  7. Check the table. Make sure that the table is flat across the diagonals, and that the throat is in  an acceptable condition.
  8. Check if it has an on/off switch – older saws don’t have one which is very dangerous and should not be used any longer for your own safety.
  9. Check for missing parts and if the parts are available to be replaced.
  10. Run the machine and listen for any unusual noise or vibrations.
  11. Over all condition is important too. Check all over the machine for cracks and breaks. You can ask the previous owner on what kinds of projects they have been performing on the saw? What are possible resolutions to the problems that might be encountered along the process of using the machine?

Whatever you do, you should be thorough and critical enough when inspecting a used saw. There are all kinds of places where one would need to spend lots of money if purchasing a used band saw, so be smart enough and use good judgment when choosing a used machine.



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