Band Saw Coolant Mixtures

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How to extend the life of a blade

Proper handling of the saw blades. Using the correct procedures for handling the saw blades and choosing the right coolant to make the cutting process smooth and easy.

Metal Working Fluid (MWF), (also referred to as cutting fluid, cutting oilcutting compoundcoolant, or lubricant), can range from straight oils (petroleum oils) to water-based fluids including soluble oils and semisynthetic/synthetic fluids. MWFs may be complex mixtures of oils, emulsifiers, anti-weld agents, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, buffers (alkaline reserve), biocides, and other additives. Animal fats, plant oils, water and air, or other raw ingredients.

The type of coolant used should be designed specifically for metalworking and machining processes.

Most metalworking and machining processes benefit from the use of cutting fluid and choice of fluid depends on the material being worked. Common exceptions to this are when cast iron or brass are to be machined. Neither of these materials need fluid for smoother operation since both are machined dry.

The properties of a good cutting fluid are to keep the work piece at a stable temperature (critical when working to close tolerances). Very warm is OK, but extremely hot or alternating hot-and-cold are avoided. To maximize the life of the cutting tip by lubricating the working edge and to reduce tip welding. To prevent rust on machine parts and cutters.

We have four main groups of Coolant available in different formulations.

Oil Soluble Coolant contains 60-85% mineral oil and emulsifies in water, Semi-Synthetic Coolant contains 5-50% mineral oil which also emulsifies into water, Full Synthetic Coolant does no contain any mineral oil, and Straight Oils Coolant has about 70-85% mineral oil and does not emulsify in water.

Full Synthetic Coolant is the highest quality and does not contain any oil-based product.

Using the right MWF will insure a successful cutting process by keeping the blade cool and lubricated, which also helps to maintain the life of the saw blade.

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