Advantages of Vector Drive vs The Standard Variable Drive Pulleys

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A pulley is just one of the basic building blocks of any machine. It can be found in almost all types of machines and is considered as a vital part in the machining industries and aftermarket parts. Let’s discuss two different types of pulleys that can be found on a band saw machine.

The mechanical device works by changing the direction of an applied force. It creates a rolling motion to transmit or multiply the force into something else. In general, a pulley is capable of moving things much easier. This mechanism is then combined with other motions and devices to form the most complex structured machines. A band saw is one of these.

There are several pulleys found in a band saw machine. Each pulley serves an important function for the saw to run as smoothly as possible. One of the most significant pulleys that most band saw operators are familiar with is a “Drive Pulley”. This mechanical pulley is mounted on a drive motor and moves a loop of material that runs between two or more pulleys which is commonly known as a “Drive Belt”. In general, the whole process controls the speed rate of the blade during cutting process. This is the reason why a Drive pulley plays a significant role in a band saw operation.

A band saw has several different types of pulley’s.. Some brand uses a Vector Drive Pulley and other uses Standard Variable Drive Pulley. In any case, both pulleys have the same general function but perform differently.

So, how do these pulleys differ in terms of their advantages?

In a band saw operation, a Drive Pulley is needed because many functions of the machine run at the different speeds. Speed or Revolutions per Minute (RPM) is increased or decreased when several conditions are encountered. Necessary adjustments to the operation are applied when there are changes in load conditions, application requirements and other circumstances.

In addition to the above, a Vector Drive Pulley also has the capability of running the blade at high speeds. Fast acceleration is easily achieved and flexibility is obtained through the cutting process. The speed applied during the procedure depends on the specific requirement of a certain work load.

On the other hand, a Standard Variable Drive Pulley is a very economical device. It has a reliable method of speed change. It allows the user to find the ideal speed without changing sheaves and belts. It does not require lubrication or frequent speed change which makes it very convenient for large cutting industries. Also, this pulley uses a Variable Speed Drive Belt which serves an important function. Variable speed belts are designed to operate over small pitch diameters and offer a broader speed range to the pulley. It maximizes application efficiency and productivity depending on the versatility of the belt itself.


There is no single type of drive pulley which is perfect for all applications, therefore the operator must choose the most appropriate pulley for the job to be done. Comparisons is made by the operator to identify relative advantages and disadvantages since each type will be better suited for some types of applications than others.


A band saw can be compared to a human body. It produces a positive end result when all the parts work harmoniously with each other. Each part needs to be at its best to perform their specific function. Therefore, a pulley should be appropriate in relation to its brand, model, work load, and surrounding factors to perform at its best.



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