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Band Saw Blades: Why They Fail

How long will my band saw blades last? How well will my band saw blades perform? These are common questions that most machine operators have when it comes to their sawing operation. There are several factors that may affect blade life and cause blade failure. These include: Weld breakage, blade tension, speed and feed rate, break-in procedure, tooth pitch, chip brush and the qualities of the material being cut. We’ll discuss each factor at length below: Band Saw Blades and Weld Breakage One of the common factors why band saw blades fail is weld breakage. Band saw blades are customized …

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Rage 3 Miter Saw: Benefits on the Construction Site

The Rage 3 miter saw is extremely versatile. It’s ideal for both right handed and left handed users. The end stop and supporting pieces mean you can start using the saw right away. The accessories also extend the scope of the work that you can take on, enabling you to tackle even longer pieces of wood. Whether you’re at home or working on site, the Rage 3 miter saw is the ideal tool. This particular saw is a top of the line tool. It easily cuts through aluminum, wood, wood with nails in it etc. You will be impressed with …

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